Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike, popularly known as Uche Peter Umez, is the author of Sam and the Wallet [children’s novella], Dark through the Delta (poems), and Aridity of Feelings (poems), and Tears in Her Eyes (short stories). His collection of children’s stories, Tim the Monkey and Other Stories, is forthcoming from African First Publishers. His awards…

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Professor Akachi Ezeigbo’s specialization as a humanities scholar and researcher is African Literature, with biases in Gender, Feminist and Cultural Studies. Within the context of this interdisciplinary range, she has contributed to scholarship and national development by chiefly galvanizing recognition of the role of gender and women empowerment

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Jude Dibia penned his first fiction when he was ten years old. It was about five brothers on a quest to uncover a series of petty robberies in their home and to expose their house help as the culprit. To aid them was their pet dog, a golden retriever. Thankfully, the story never made it to…

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Odili Ujubuoñu was born June 13 1964 in Ukpor, a quiet hill country that boasts of rocks, valleys, rivulets and a major tributary to the River Niger, the Ulasi River. At the age of eight, he moved to Lagos where he spent his early years in a slum called Ajegunle. Here, Odili met a world..

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Abimbola Adunni


Abimbola Adunni Adelakun is a writer; a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin; a columnist with Nigeria’s most widely read newspaper, PUNCH; a blogger at opele.net and a regular commentator on Nigerian affairs. Under The Brown Rusted Roofs, is her first book….

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